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Google Assistant to book your appointments

15 May 2018

Google has made just a small amount of ADT-2 sticks and programmers can make an application for one here. You will soon be able to order a development kit that has a SoM (System on Module) built into a board with inputs and outputs that Android Things will install on without any trouble.

Perhaps the biggest change in Android P is the new navigation system, and with it representing something of a change from previous control methods, it may just take some getting used to. A full swipe up when on the home screen will also bring up the app drawer.

This is a feature that I personally felt should be part of more and more Android phones rather than the notch. Essentially, this only shows up when you're within an app, and disappears in places like the home screen, where it couldn't be used anyway. And the reports extend beyond your phone. The Google Assistant feature uses lifelike audio to, for example, book a haircut.

Moving forward, whenever a background app uses your device's microphone or camera, Android will display a notification. What's more, these Routines can also be scheduled, e.g. a "Dinner is ready" at 6:00pm which then does whatever you've set for dinner/supper Routine. Google representatives did not respond to questions about how Duplex would operate in conversation, including whether it would announce its non-humanness.

Android P will pay close attention to you all the time. Android on your phone worked this way, with HTC helping to get it going and then companies like Samsung and LG working with Google to make it great.

In addition, the media system Sensus will provide access to Google Play, Google Maps and other popular services of the American search giant. We already know this because we see Android on Chromebooks, televisions, watches, and even microwave ovens. Your phone will also be smarter when it comes to the brightness of your screen. If Google can help automate the most boring things we do every day, then that's more time we have to spend on other things.

With a feature called Wind down, Android P phones will fade to grayscale at the end of the day and turn on Do not disturb at bedtime, so we'll be less tempted to get lost in a YouTube hole when we're supposed to be sleeping.

In a way, Android Things is the Esperanto of connected devices. The original six were fine, but I'm excited to get creating mine. It even says "um" and "mm-hmm".

Thanks to Google Project Treble efforts to allow OEMs to push out faster Android updates, Google at I/O 2018 announced that several partner brands will be making Android P Beta available for select phones.

Google Assistant to book your appointments