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Google drafting ethical principles to guide use of technology

15 Abril 2018

However, the leaker was able to seize a screenshot of the email content.

Following Mario Costeja Gonzalez's case, which asked Google to remove information related to his financial history, the European Court of Justice ruled in 2014 that outdated and irrelevant data be erased on request, making the right to be forgotten a legal precedent.

With the launch of Google Home, Alphabet, the company that owns Google, has directly taken on their supremely successful market rivals, Amazon.

A report claimed that the redesign will bring a cleaner, fresher look that adopts the Material Design guidelines Google uses for its Android and iOS apps.

In conclusion, the new surprising Gmail feature, Confidential Mode, will permit users to encrypt their sensitive emails so they won't be accessed by third-parties. It's not like your whole inbox will go up in flames.

The Verge's Tom Warren noted on Wednesday that Google will likely announce the changes on May 8 at Google I/O 2018. Also, Google Assistant is available to every Android phone, even though the phone specifications might not be able to handle it to a great stretch.

Finally, Google is working on a new way to store your emails on your computer for offline access. There are a number of technologies it could use the new AI feature in, like video chats like Hangouts or Duo.

Google's entry is expected to intensify the already heated competition in the country.

To promote the new Netflix show, you can play a Lost in Space game on your Google Home.

The new Gmail also lets you choose between a few different display modes.

Called Maven, the programme applies AI and machine learning to the job of classifying objects in surveillance footage, but Google responded to the employee petition saying that the technology was intended to save lives and save people from having to do highly tedious work.

The game itself isn't too thrilling, but the idea of sitting next to your smart speaker and playing a game using only your brain and your voice is pretty cool. Is it cobalt, magnesium, or silver?

Google drafting ethical principles to guide use of technology