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The First Medal of the 2018 Winter Olympics

12 Febrero 2018

The Olympic's athletes' village has gotten a reputation as a free-spirited and uninhibited zone for athletes from around the world to find casual, sexual encounters.

The US Vice President spent the days leading up to the Pyeongchang Olympics warning that the North was trying to "hijack the message and imagery" of the event with its "propaganda".

At the Olympics that have such high stakes for his country, Moon is playing a delicate game of poker.

Pence left South Korea Saturday night, flying out of Pyeongchang after attending a short-track speedskating event with Moon - who then went to watch ice hockey along with Kim and the North Korean delegation. But he also encouraged North Korea to "actively pursue" dialogue with the United States.

Meanwhile the cheerleaders continued to chant long after the rest of the arena had emptied.

"Honestly, I didn't know I would come here so suddenly". Before now, she had been seen mainly in photos, but often in the background, as her brother took center stage.

After heavy investment, the Winter Games in PyeongChang will be much more than a showcase for athletes.

"It is one we are dealing with". They were whisked back and forth between Seoul and the Olympic towns of Pyeongchang and Gangneung.

The 24-year-old staked an early claim for the most inspirational story at the Pyeongchang Winter Games in the snowboard slopestyle, sealing third behind compatriot Max Parrot, in silver, and Amercian teenage gold medallist Red Gerard.

"The occasion today is watched closely by the world, and there's a lot of hope placed on the South and North", he said.

Sort of like their counterparts in that other arena, the political one, except without the possibility of all-out war at the end of the run. "I for one am sick and exhausted of the commercialization of the olympics". For example, both the 2012 London and 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics set up dedicated organisational structures to coordinate security work and facilitate information exchange, but it is still unclear whether the South Koreans have followed this practice. For the IOC, successful cyberattacks could have severe consequences and bring harm to attendants, participants and sponsors to the Olympics. They also made plans to attend a concert together on Sunday, to see a North Korean orchestra perform in Seoul. Nervous outsiders saw the withdrawal of his nomination as a result of policy differences, but it turned out to be more complicated than that.

Kim's presence at the Olympics has presented people in South Korea and beyond with something new to know about North Korea. Kim Jong Un is a doughy man with an odd haircut and a cartoon villain's face.

The Koreas previously held summits in 2000 and 2007, both hosted in Pyongyang by Kim Jong Il, Kim Jong Un's late father. That mirrors previous statements from Trump administration officials when asked about the possibility of talks. Moon initially opposed U.S. plans to deploy a missile shield in South Korea, and last year vowed to prevent war at all costs after Trump threatened "fire and fury" against North Korea.

It has now eclipsed these efforts by unleashing a total of 1,218 Shooting Star drones in South Korea.