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Kim Jong-un invited president of South Korea to DPRK

12 Febrero 2018

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's invitation to Mr Moon for a summit in Pyongyang has also left Tokyo worried. The group also included Kim Yong Nam, the titular North Korea head of state, and Thomas Bach, the International Olympic Committee president.

Just tuned into opening ceremony of Winter Olympics, er, is anybody sitting in those seats? One of the band's biggest hits was "Don't Worry, My Dear."

Team USA had an up-and-down performance during the first day of competition. She actually lit the cauldron as the home crowd roared.

"We will have a full report", added the public relations chief, asserting, "I guess it will be made public".

"We are all touched by this wonderful gesture. We want peace, everybody wants peace, nobody wants war".

It was a wild and entertaining atmosphere that included the presence of dignitaries. There were North and South, side by side in the opening ceremony, on the hockey ice and in the dignitaries' box, with the U.S. looking on like a kid who didn't get picked in the sandlot. "It's more likely that the image is that of a star in North Korea".

It's cold in Pyeongchang, the site of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. NASA Marshall's Short-term Prediction Research and Transition Center (SPoRT) is teaming up with NASA Goddard to use an advanced NASA weather prediction model to provide weather forecasts in six-hour intervals over specific points on the Olympic grounds. The United States appeared to be the odd man out, and perhaps was. More than 2,900 athletes from 92 countries will compete here, making it the biggest Winter Olympics to date.

The quadrennial sporting event will end on February 29.

The local organisers said that as of Saturday, 158 cases of norovirus infections have been confirmed, but no athlete has been affected by the outbreak.

And no wonder. The brief, polite spectacle between the Koreas masks an intensifying debate in Washington: What should America do as North Korea comes closer to being able to hit the U.S. with a nuclear warhead?

The flag seen above is neither North Korea or South Korea's flag, but a symbolic "unification flag".

"(The ministry) informs you that the mask used by the North Korean supporters during the women's' ice hockey match was a 'handsome man's mask'", the ministry said in its statement.

But PyeongChang was ahead of the Summer Olympics two years ago, when the Rio Opening Ceremony produced a 16.5 rating.

And so, with a little help from a liberal South Korean president eager to engage Pyongyang, the 2018 Pyeongchang Games open.

The other foreign ministers needed to hear that, says a Japanese diplomat present at the meeting said, "because there seems to be a pretty consistent, serious undercurrent in this administration that war is an actual possibility, and that's spooking some people". "They know what happened and this is a usual thing during the Olympic Games".