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Casa » N. Korean leader invites S. Korea's Moon to the North--president's office

N. Korean leader invites S. Korea's Moon to the North--president's office

11 Febrero 2018

The sister of North Korea's leader, Kim Jong Un, shook hands with South Korean President Moon Jae-in while they watched an elaborate show of light, sound and human performance.

"I like the idea of unification and I think it's nice that North Korea's going to participate in the Olympics but I haven't really thought about unification".

"We're not focused on the politics", said Sarah Murray, the 29-year-old coach of the Korean team, who is a dual citizen of the United States and Canada.

As the 35,000-capacity stadium could have predicted, the iconic figure skater lit the cauldron, the symbolic opening of the Games.

And then, in a pattern that had repeated throughout this game, the North Korean cheer squad sang a song to the dwindling audience and performed their swaying moves - despite the in-house pop and rap music that blared from the speakers.

Kim Yo Jong, 30, is the first member of North Korea's ruling family to visit the South since the end of the 1950-53 Korean War. Behind the jokes, however, was a serious message. But they didn't get many chances, as Switzerland dominated. Prometheus was punished by Zeus for his hubris-strung up on a hillside, where birds of prey pecked away at his organs for all of eternity.

His decision to dispatch his sister to the games is all the more significant since Kim Jong Un himself hasn't set foot outside North Korea or met a single head of state since he assumed power upon the death of their father, Kim Jong Il, in late 2011.

The Soviet Union occupied North Korea and the United States occupied the South, separating the two territories by the 38th parallel.

Since the 1990s, the North launched direct artillery attacks in the West Sea, breaching the Northern Limit Line between the South and North. In 2010, the North torpedoed the Cheonan naval ship, killing 46 sailors on board. A North Korean band played the Korean folk tune "Arirang".

Take, for example, the following headlines - ones you'd normally expect to find in North Korea's state-run media. He has been pushing for dialogue with the North in a bid to break the nuclear impasse over the past decade. In an appearance on Ellen earlier this month, Kenworthy called out Pence, saying he has "directly attacked the LGBT community".

The two Koreas also have opposing views on the concept of unification. And to the team's credit, the same answer always came: They're out there, we just can't tell who's who.

Its agents blew up a South Korean airliner ahead of the 1988 Seoul Olympics in an attempt to dissuade visitors; then it boycotted its rival's Olympic debut on the world stage. Seven weeks after that was the final presentation and vote. Coaches' orders were obeyed immediately; players fired pucks around and sometimes sprawled on the ice during intense one-on-one drills. Others were special invitees picked by the government. Perhaps it was a warning, too: Don't let Olympic reverie enchant you too much.

The United States, Soviet Union and China agreed that Japan should lose control over all territories it took by force and placed the peninsula under a trusteeship. But the announcers admitted we were getting "augmented reality" that wasn't visible to those in the stadium. "The communication is good". But she has generally remained safely cloaked in her brother's shadow. And she gave credit to her North Korean counterpart for helping that process. "He is very open to suggestions".

Then Kam, 22, proposed taking a selfie together. I just hope they would exercise a little common sense. Temperatures were in the high 20s. Its participation in the event has been viewed as a sign of easing ties between the two Koreas. The North also last year conducted its sixth and most powerful nuclear test to date. The age range was, like, 13 to 40.

"What cannot be overlooked is that Moon did not directly demand North Korea to abandon its nuclear development".

"It was a great lesson for my children", public servant Park Young-sun told CNN.

The official also noted that while Trump believes in talking, in this case, the issue is not about words but about deeds on North Korea's part.

Kim said she was an example of a living legacy of advancing winter sports in her country. "Hopefully playing as a unified team is a small step into something bigger".

N. Korean leader invites S. Korea's Moon to the North--president's office