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Liberals fall for hilarious spoof of Wolff's Trump book

21 Enero 2018

The "gossipy account", as Politico called it, makes some outlandish claims.

The new probe was prompted by Trump's repeated calls for another FBI probe into "Crooked Hillary", the source said.

An independent bookseller in Washington sold out of the book in less than 20 minutes, according to BuzzFeed, while book wholesale distributor Ingram Content Group was also out of stock. Shortly after Trump's statement was distributed to the press Wednesday, Fire And Fury had shot to the top slot of Amazon's best-seller list.

The reaction was less frenetic in New York, Trump's old home base. For instance, the Mercer family already has donated about $500,000 to a super PAC launched to help Mississippi state Sen.

White House officials described the president as furious at Bannon's criticisms, laid out in an explosive new book that quoted the former aide as questioning Trump's competence and describing a June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower between Donald Trump Jr., Trump campaign aides and a Russian lawyer as "treasonous" and "unpatriotic".

"I think one of the interesting effects of the book so far is a very clear emperor-has-no-clothes effect", Wolff said in an interview broadcast on Saturday. From details about Donald Trump's campaign to the fiefdoms that formed after inauguration, we'll have the highlights from Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House here.

Wolff claims to have had regular access to the White House while preparing for the book and claims to have conducted over 200 interviews with people inside and close to the Trump regime.

The revelations about the Trump administration from journalist Michael Wolff are, if true, stunning, jaw-dropping, gob-smacking - but also pretty much what many in Washington expected.

You know, in St. Louis we had a columnist here named Jerry Berger who was sort of similar to Mike Wolff. Wolff suggested that even the president's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and daughter, Ivanka Trump, have lost faith. "'Not us, it's him'".

It already has cost him a key backer. This, he felt, would solve the Middle East. Then he ate six hamburgers, which he had sent Reince Priebus, wearing a full face of unflattering powder, to retrieve for him, in case they contained poison.

"They should try winning an election. That's why we've had such a successful 2017 and why we're going to continue to do great things as we move forward in this administration".

The White House has repeatedly denied collusion and labeled the Mueller probe a "witch hunt". "Smart!" Trump tweeted Friday morning. "In fact, it's not", Wehner explained. I saw the president every other day over a 10-day period during the holiday. I conversed with him during this time. So look, I think the president of the United States has shown he's very, very capable, very, very talented. And there's nothing to add beyond that. "I've never questioned his mental fitness", he told CNN.

Instead of starting the new year focused on a government spending bill or infrastructure, the White House has been consumed by accusations made by former Chief Strategist Steve Bannon in a new book.

"Steve Bannon is only one of the many high-profile endorsements Dr. Ward has received".

Earlier Friday, Trump heaped praise on a major Republican donor family from distancing themselves from Bannon.

Liberals fall for hilarious spoof of Wolff's Trump book