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Intel starts issuing patches for Meltdown, Spectre vulnerabilities

14 Enero 2018

But according to one developer, the company has a few additional patches for Intel's blunder in a current beta build.

In a statement published yesterday, Intel claims that the loophole is not specific to their products and reports of slowdowns during fixes have been exaggerated.

The tech firm said it had 'made significant progress' on fixing two serious flaw affecting computers and gadgets including Apple iPads and iPhones which are fitted with chips made by Intel and other companies.

The two vulnerabilities could even expose information stored on smartphones, and will force computer users across the world to patch their systems to avoid data theft.

"With these glitches, if there is any way an attacker can execute code on a machine, it cannot be contained anymore", Ben Gras, a security researcher at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, told the Wired. And while this issue has been addressed by Microsoft and Intel, another design flaw has surfaced that affects all CPUs.

Intel said researchers from 'Apple, Amazon, Google and Microsoft are among those reporting that they are seeing little to no performance impact' after installing security updates.

Microsoft has now confirmed that its Xbox gaming consoles including Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X are not affected by the security flaw. Apple, on the other hand, has been predictably mum on how it's dealing with the matter. However, Gruss said Spectre is harder for hackers to take advantage of.

However some reports have claimed that Spectre may not be able to be fixed without completely redesigning the processors themselves, and that the patches needed to address the Meltdown vulnerability could slow down computers by as much as 30 per cent.

The U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team explained that these flaws allow an attacker to access sensitive information.

"Programmers are scrambling to overhaul the open-source Linux kernel's virtual memory system".

Chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices on Wednesday pushed back on a statement from Intel about a recently documented security flaw, saying its chips are mainly not affected.

Google says it also affects other processors and the devices and operating systems running them.

Intel starts issuing patches for Meltdown, Spectre vulnerabilities