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Author defends Trump book: 'I absolutely spoke to the President'

14 Enero 2018

Stores across the country and in Kansas City are sold out and waiting for new orders to arrive.

The publication of the book has rocked Washington with its revelations about Trump's family, marriage, germ phobias and behaviour in the Oval Office.

There's plenty of new fodder for Trump's enemies to support an argument that he's the worst president in the history of the Republic; good news for relatives of President James Buchanan. The book is flying off the shelves and taken the No. 1 best-seller spot on Amazon, with customers being forced to wait two to four week for their copy to be shipped.

Even the book's author acknowledged the role of the president in pushing up the book's launch date.

Around the same time, Wolff also wrote a prescient Newsweek column about how the still-new and struggling Trump White House and the media might reach a balance or détente.

"Mark Corallo was instructed not to speak to the press, indeed not to even answer his phone".

During the contentious interview, Miller offered largely combative responses and focused on presenting Trump as a "political genius" before anchor Jake Tapper cut off the interview because of Miller's refusal to answer questions. "I believe they are equipped to do that pretty quickly".

In an action usually reserved for "Harry Potter" books, Kramerbooks in Washington, D.C., started selling the book at midnight Friday and had dozens of people waiting in line.

Also Wednesday, lawyers for Trump sent a letter to Bannon telling him to refrain from making disparaging remarks about Trump and that his contributions to the book "give rise to numerous legal claims including defamation by libel and slander" and breach of his "non-disparagement" agreement with Trump.

Bannon infuriated Trump with comments to author Michael Wolff describing a June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower in New York between Donald Trump Jr., Trump campaign aides and a Russian lawyer as "treasonous" and "unpatriotic".

Mr Trump speaks via a video monitor to journalists in a daily press briefing with Sarah Huckabee Sanders
Mr Trump speaks via a video monitor to journalists in a daily press briefing with Sarah Huckabee Sanders

The book, which is about Donald Trump's first year in office, has received much criticism from the White House. The book, which Wolff says was based on "conversations and interviews over a period of 18 months with the president, most members of his senior staff, and many people to whom they in turn spoke", provides an unflattering portrait of the president and many of his advisors.

Other libraries in the state have the book on order, including in Camden, Gray, Scarborough and Portland. Said Wolff on "Today": "He has to be satisfied in the moment". Now it's not clear Bannon has enough power to land an entry-level job at a FedEx sorting plant.

Mr. Trump's self-absorption, impulsiveness, lack of empathy, obsessive focus on slights, tenuous grasp of facts and penchant for sometimes far-fetched conspiracy theories have generated endless op-ed columns, magazine articles, books, professional panel discussions and cable television speculation.

The White House, not surprisingly, has called the book "tabloid journalism".

"This is very unusual". They hate him with the fury of a trapped animal gnawing at its own leg.

Gotsis was upset he was not able to get the second copy he wanted and that he got conflicting answers on the process of pre-ordering, but he will keep an eye out for a restock. "I doubt it's any different than the Regnery crap, but Trump tried to prevent it from being published".

And, "Melania was in tears - and not of joy", according to Wolff. "It is the only thing he does well".

"He's not only crazy, he's stupid", Barrack, one of Trump's oldest friends, reportedly told a friend about Trump.

Readers are claiming they don't even need to open the latest book about the Trump White House for the purchase to be worth the $15.

DeStefano is working alongside political director Bill Stepien, who came under fire after a series of White House missteps in the recent Alabama Senate race, which gave the Democrats their first Senate seat there in a generation.

Author defends Trump book: 'I absolutely spoke to the President'