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Google's Chrome app on Windows Store is just a download link

19 Diciembre 2017

The browser just landed on Microsoft Store (Windows 10's app store), making it easier than ever to download it on a Windows 10 machine. The listing is just a download link for the Chrome browser. The Mountain View Goliath never really supported any of Redmond's app stores and all that was made available in the Store was a barebones Google search app. In a rather subtle dig, Google has made the Chrome installer available for download in the Microsoft Store. Hitting the download button will then open up your default browser and grab the installer.

One of the biggest issues Google is confronting is autoplay videos, which begin without you needing to press play.

The beta version of Chrome 64 includes a feature that lets you stop websites from playing autoplay videos with sound.

When it comes to personal blogging, small-scale business or other online stuff, the factor called 'Page loading' is very important. Google putting an Installer in there gives Google an official home in the Microsoft Store for the few people who are looking in there for apps. However, it's not an app like many would have been expecting.

Now, in a fairly amusing move, Google is embracing that, placing Chrome on the Windows Store as a simple download link. It's certainly a weird way to handle things, and looking at some of the reviews on Chrome's Windows Store listing, users aren't too pleased about it. Last week, Apple officials said iTunes wouldn't be available in the Windows Store before the end of calendar 2017, as previously announced.