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A Democrat wins in Alabama? It's all part of Trump's master plan!

13 Diciembre 2017

He added that it's "highly unlikely" Jones won't be declared the winner.

By all accounts, it is a humiliating setback for Republicans as they struggle to pass Trump's legislative agenda through Congress and make the case that they are the responsible stewards in Washington heading into crucial 2018 mid-term elections.

He said that Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill would meet with reporters later in the evening to explain the process of enacting a recount.

Even when a decision appears bad or immoral or politically craven or gross or childish or vindictive or hideous or unconscionable or just plain stupid - and none of his decisions ever appear that way, of course - you know it's the right decision because he has never been wrong and never will be. As a result, polling places for those 33 precincts are offering two ballots for two elections, Reed said, while polling places for the other 16 precincts are offering just one ballot for one election: The special U.S. Senate race.

The former Chief Justice confirmed that he may have approached and dated teenagers but he denied that any were underage or that he had sexually assaulted anyone.

But tonight's election results do not leave me comfortable with the state of American politics.

"The reason I originally endorsed Luther Strange (and his numbers went up mightily), is that I said Roy Moore will not be able to win the General Election". While you guys are doing dope and playing checkers on your eco-friendly hemp checkerboards, Donald J. Trump is playing 5-dimensional chess ON YOUR FACES! Even as Mr. Trump's behavior becomes increasingly outrageous and often unhinged, the party's grandees appease and flatter him. "It's going to take some time".

Yes, for the moment, a pro-choice Democrat has won a Senate seat in Alabama, a state Trump won overwhelmingly in the presidential election. Most Alabama Republicans said Mitch McConnell's opposition to Moore made them like him better.

And this is the New Normal for Republicans: the surrender of the party now seems complete. Enter Paul Ryan, who is better dressed and a much more cheerful character in this act.

But in recent decades, we have slowly destroyed the ability of party officials to drive party primaries.

Yes, Trump endorsed not one but two Republican candidates who ultimately lost their races.

In Doug Jones, Alabama voters elected a man who had successfully prosecuted KKK members who killed young girls attending church in a bomb attack, over a bible-thumping hypocrite who was banned from a local mall for creeping-out teenage girls.

A Democrat wins in Alabama? It's all part of Trump's master plan!