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Israel strikes Syrian military facilities

07 Diciembre 2017

"Firstly, I want to congratulate the Air Force for another successful attack in Syria", he said Tuesday at the start of an interview with the Ynet news website.

According to pro-regime Radio Sham FM, this video shows a surface to air missile being launched towards Israeli forces. Damascus has never recognized the establishment of the Israeli state in 1948, while the disputed region of the Golan Heights has been at the center of the conflict between the two Middle Eastern states.

With details still emerging on Israel's Friday attack against a military site south of the Syrian capital city of Damascus, a strike which Israeli media have presented as being an attack against Iran, a new round of strikes was reported Monday night, against different targets in metro Damascus.

"The air defense forces were confronted by an Israeli missile attack", Syria's official SANA news agency reported.

According to the Israeli military analysis blog Intelli Times, the transport jeeps and trucks with attached rocket launchers seen in the footage were consistent with the types used by Iran-backed Shiite militias. If Iran is not rolled back in Syria, then the chances of military confrontation are growing. "I sent it because he had indicated that forces under his control might in fact threaten US interests in Iraq", the CIA chief said.

Those satellite pictures suggested that one of the buildings on the base is a mosque.

The publication opined that Netanyhu's warning could mean that Israel is ready to drop its neutral stance on the long-standing war in Syria. They were expected to discuss Iran's alleged construction of the military base at al-Kiswah. The agreement, announced in a joint US-Russian statement Saturday, affirms a call for "the reduction, and ultimate elimination" of foreign fighters from southern Syria.

According to reports, the deal applies to Iranian proxies fighting on behalf of Assad's regime, which would be required to leave the border area and eventually Syria.

He assigned blame to the Obama administration without mentioning it by name.

Israel strikes Syrian military facilities