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Tens Of Thousands Evacuated As Wildfire Grows In Southern California

06 Diciembre 2017

STEPHANIE O'NEILL, BYLINE: Hey, Kelly. "It's a structure. You can always replace it". At least 30 homes in Sylmar and Lakeview Terrace were destroyed, thousands of others were evacuated, and two firefighters were injured. "Now with these winds, any little spark is fuel".

Marcus Yam, a photographer with the Times, captured video of a fully engulfed home in Ventura.

However, the impact on natural life and environment is assumed to be massive, given the amount of area under fire. The winds push against the air coming from the LA basin's eastern mountains, which compresses the wind and heat between the ocean and the mountains, further drying out vegetation that has dried out over the summer.

And this is a big change from this morning when the fire was in the upper Ojai Valley.

MCEVERS: Wow. I mentioned evacuations - tens of thousands of people. Second: Are we supposed to celebrate the narrator's begrudging generosity? The number of destroyed structures was unknown due to the intensity of the fire, but officials had estimated about 150 buildings early Tuesday. The shelter is also available for all types of animals and is located at 10 West Harbor Avenue in Ventura. An ode to wasted potential, the slog of addiction and miserable Christmases everywhere, few songs have ever said God bless us EVERYONE as perfectly.

O'NEILL: Well, people are pretty darn nervous. I mean, we're kind of sticking around, seeing what's going to happen here.

Powerful Santa Ana winds and extremely dry conditions fueled at least five wildfires Tuesday, marking what has been a devastating year for fires in California.

The college said that all its 350 students and staff had been evacuated.

Here are the latest tallies: As of Tuesday morning, the fire was 0 - yes, zero - percent contained, had burned 45,500 acres and had drawn as many as 1,000 firefighters to battle its flames.

O'NEILL: Some residents, though, have stayed.

Sent from Fresno are 11 firefighters, two engines and one water tender from Sierra National Forest, and 15 firefighters and three engines from Fresno Fire Department.

The fire had torn through neighborhoods, razing homes to the ground, reducing them to gray smoldering ashes.

He said his grandmother is devastated the house is gone. The fire broke out in the Rye Canyon Loop and grew to 5,000 acres by Tuesday afternoon. "These fires are not just fast and furious, but they're really expensive to fight".

About 20,000 Southern California Edison customers remain without power in Ventura County, according to the agency.

The winds continued to blow Tuesday as Tovey, the city of Ventura electrical inspector, patrolled the perimeter of the Thomas Fire in his city vehicle, turning back residents trying to reach their homes.

Tens Of Thousands Evacuated As Wildfire Grows In Southern California