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Messi's Statue In Argentina Vandalised Again

05 Diciembre 2017

In Paseo de las Glorias in Buenos Aires there is a statue of Argentina captain Lionel Messi, and on Sunday night it became the victim of a vandalism attack, with both legs being removed.

Argentine media tweeted pictures of the vandalised statue.

It has attracted vandals and thieves before, such as in January of this year, when the Messi statue was cut in half at the waist.

The statue is on the Promenade de Glorias, alongside monuments to other Argentinian sporting heros including NBA veteran Manu Ginobili, tennis star Guillermo Vilas and Formula One great Juan Manuel Fangio.

The space was created in preparation for the Olympic Youth Games which will be held in Buenos Aires in 2018. Messi's Argentine lost the 2014 World Cup final against Germany and suffered defeats by Chile in the 2015 and 2016 Copa America finals.

Messi responded by announcing his retirement from international football, only to reverse that decision two months later citing his "love of the country".

Messi's Statue In Argentina Vandalised Again