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Apple accuses Qualcomm of patent infringement in countersuit

02 Diciembre 2017

The iPhone manufacturer took another jab on Wednesday when it filed the new lawsuit claiming that Qualcomm violated at least 8 Apple patents that relate to battery life.

Qualcomm filed the complaint in the US district Court for the Southern District of California and alleges that Apple is infringing on five patents, with four of them originating from Palm.

Apple upped the ante in its legal feud with Qualcomm over patent royalties on Wednesday by accusing the San Diego company of infringing on eight Apple patents related to extending battery life in smartphones.

In the filing Wednesday, Apple says its work on power management technology pre-dates the iPhone and includes innovations borne out on general objective computers. Every time Apple sneezes, Qualcomm sues and vice versa. Apple then filed a lawsuit making similar accusations and continued to make those claims in courts around the world.

In the latest escalation of the almost year-long legal battle, Qualcomm filed three complaints Wednesday in U.S. District Court alleging violations on 16 different Qualcomm patents by Apple, some related to RF transceivers and power-saving measures, some related to multi-touch displays and some related to the innovations of Palm. In the complaint, Qualcomm specifically alleges that Apple copied the operating system's "cards" design interface.

The '362 patent has to do with a card-based multitasking interface originally used in webOS. Another complaint was filed to ban the import of iPhones using Intel chips due the alleged patent violations. But both Apple and Qualcomm can afford a long and tedious court battle, especially the former. Qualcomm has demanded a court trial and an injunction on the infringing devices including the iPhone X, iPhone 8 series, and the iPhone 7 series in the US.

The suit mainly focuses on the Snapdragon 800 and Snapdragon 820.

Almost a year ago, Apple filed a $1 billion suit against Qualcomm and proceeded to cut off royalty payments while encouraging its suppliers to do the same. If the processor chip giant had its way, iPhone Xs from these carriers could be banned. Apple has since ramped up production to improve the availability.

Apple accuses Qualcomm of patent infringement in countersuit