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What will Democrats offer to voters fleeing crazy Land of Trump — EDITORIAL

09 Noviembre 2017

This has greatly impacted Guadagno's support in the campaign, as a recent Monmouth poll found that Guadagno's association with Christie made 29 percent of voters less likely to vote for her, almost double the 16 percent who said her association made them more likely to vote for her. Most news outlets spun that House of Delegates margin as a Democratic triumph-a "tsunami election" that swept away what had been seen as an ironclad Republican majority. Washington state will now join California and Oregon as states where Democrats control the governor's office and both houses of the Legislature. Democrats rode an electoral wave to a legislative impasse.

Members say that the size of the child tax credit as well as the structure of the corporate tax rate could vary from the House legislation as could some of the tax rates on the individual side.

Moving down the ballot, Democrats in Virginia also won competitive races for lieutenant governor and attorney general. He, too, ousted a Republican incumbent. Some commentators argued on Tuesday that the Democrats' wins showed that progressives actually overstated the intractability of partisan redistricting. "Trumpism without Trump can show the way forward", Steve Bannon, Trump's former adviser, insisted this weekend. Just as notable, she ousted long-time Delegate Robert G. Marshall, who had sponsored bills about bathroom usage requirements and once boasted he was, according to the Washington Post, Virginia's "chief homophobe".

Data and history suggest Barro and Bonier are badly mistaken.

To be clear, Murphy's win will be an important pick up for the Democratic Party, but a win in what can be described as the Democrats' backyard is not a major development in the national landscape. It worked exactly as intended.

He goes from the minority leader in the House of Delegates, facing a 66-34 Republican majority, to possibly becoming speaker. Across Wisconsin, Republican state legislators received 48.6 percent of the vote yet won 60 of 99 seats in the state assembly.

Still, House Republicans are warning that a full repeal of SALT could be trouble for passing the tax bill through the full Congress. Democrats won at politics. We're going to look to improve out bill at every step in the way. They didn't win the statehouse. And the state's attorney general, Democrat Mark Herring, was reelected after a bitter campaign. There are two problems with this theory. As the Supreme Court has explained, legislators "represent people, not trees or acres". Among the half who said Trump wasn't a factor - they favored Gillespie by 15 points - well, perhaps it was more that they wished Trump weren't a factor in the race.

Another healthcare related ballot initiative failed in Ohio, where voters overwhelmingly rejected a measure, heavily opposed by the pharmaceutical industry, that would have mandated state agencies pay no more for prescription drugs that the discounted prices paid by the Veterans Administration. Indeed, many of America's most grotesquely gerrymandered districts use this trick.

On policy, Thursday will be the first opportunity to see how wide a gap exists between the House and Senate tax bills. Virginia saw the highest voter turnout in a governor's race in 20 years, despite a rainy election day. Drawing straight from the gerrymander playbook, GOP mapmakers created a few Democratic "vote sinks", blue districts into which they could pack Democrats.

In Howell's 28th District, Republican Bob Thomas leads Democrat Joshua Cole by just 86 votes. In the maps of the 2016 election results that the President reportedly likes to hand out at the White House, Trump's coalition seems as vast as the American interior.

A Democratic victory in 2018 would likely have a reverse effect, with Congress pushing for more restrictions. Tim Scott. "There's a lot of pressure to do it now".

What will Democrats offer to voters fleeing crazy Land of Trump — EDITORIAL