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Download: Google Pixel 2 Live Wallpapers APK For Any Android Device

18 Octubre 2017

The company has been talking a big game about the 2's camera and calling it, definitively, "the best smartphone camera". Google's new Pixels both ship with OLED displays and a new always-on display. Take a picture of a London landmark, for example, and Lens can tell you what building you are looking at and then tell you more about it. That data can then be used to create a second depth map. Regardless of where you buy from, the Pixel 2 costs $649.99 (64GB) or $749.99 (128GB), while the XL model goes for $849.99 (64GB) or $949.99 (128GB). Both phones are waterproof and dust-proof. It is a custom SoC, which has been designed by Google. Please note that while the giveaway is open internationally, Mint SIM only provides service in the U.S., and no substitutions for that part of the prize will be made.

The previous flagship Google phone was the Nexus, which it made in partnership with major manufacturers from 2010 to 2015. Follow this with Default Apps, then Assist & Voice Input. In low light, the Pixel's images have a bit more noise than iPhone 8 shots. Still, it has one! The new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones will come with the latest iteration of Android, namely, version 8.0 Oreo, along with updated stock apps, such as the Pixel Launcher and Google Camera app, and even a new collection of live wallpapers.

Google's image search engine is at your fingertips with the Pixel 2. In a test, we tried the feature and the results were surprisingly subtle. They're about software and smarts. The chip has eight processor cores running at 2.35GHz and is paired with 4GB of RAM, giving the Pixel 2 plenty of compute power in its slim frame. Just tap 'free up space' at the top of the menu and the crap will be axed. Fast-forward one year and the arms race continues. And in this sense, it's actually a mirror of Android O's new design for app notifications, which instead of deploying those red push alerts that we see dotting the apps in iOS, uses a tiny dot, color matched to the icon, to signify a pending notification.

Avery Hartmans: One thing that I think is a little funny about Pixel phones is that they don't come with earbuds.

The Pixel is busy, even when it's asleep.

Like the original Pixel, the Pixel 2 also charges to 75 percent in 15 minutes, which is particularly handy when you're on the road. If you say "OK Google" the phone will spring to life. But some people will, rightly, still have privacy concerns. They raised the possibility with the rest of the team, and the question became, what could Pixel's designers do with it? Unfortunately, for this to work in YouTube, you need a YouTube Red subscription - which isn't available here in the UK.

Google is not the only company considering "glanceability" as a means to limit distraction. The display itself is gorgeous. As we discover more interesting tidbits about these new Google phones, we'll be sure to share.

Antonio Villas-Boas: It might not come with headphones, but it does come with a special dongle that has one special feature that you liked very much. From the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor to the 12.2 megapixel camera, these are all pretty standard. With most high-end flagships all banking on very similar features, camera quality is something that truly sets the best apart.

Stand close enough to your subjects that their head (or head and shoulders) fill the frame. If that's important to you, then the Pixel is kind of the phone for you, because you have a lot of controls at your finger tips and that's not the case with every smartphone camera. This year's Galaxy S8 does not catch fire, so there are more options at this level. It's simply a stark duality to the almost ceramic-feeling iPhone.

Download: Google Pixel 2 Live Wallpapers APK For Any Android Device