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The SNES Classic Has Already Been Hacked to Add More Games

11 Octubre 2017

The latest version of Hackchi2 allows SNES Classic owners to load countless additional 16-bit favorites onto the system's 300 MB of internal storage, and even adds a few new features, including a virtual Home button and custom borders.

The SNES Classic Mini is the 16-bit, retro version of the SNES, but it only comes with 21 games out of the box - we can assume that majority involve moustached men in dungarees - and "Cluster" does not feel that this is enough.

You can tell the games that were added from the original library by the 3D box art.

Unlocking a console is not without its risks, and the authors of the unlocking tool warn that there is a chance that it could become "bricked", rendering it unusable, if the unlocking procedure does not work correctly. Online listings for the SNES Classic are bound to sell out nearly immediately, so don't count on getting one though those channels. This is one of the first restocks we've heard about since launch, so perhaps this means that other retailers will soon get new stock of their own in?

The hack is a basic PC program named "HackChi", which enables users to connect the Super NES Classic Edition to a PC and add SNES games.

Not that you'd already be bored with the SNES Mini's current line-up.

This could prove far too much hassle for many fans who aren't prepared to put up with the added faff of shipping and adaptor plugs.

Nintendo's PR department is mum on the subject, as the company is still publicly basking in the limelight of the Super NES Classic release.

It was recently announced that a Mini Commodore 64 is releasing next year.