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Google to Provide Puerto Rico With Cell Service Using Balloons

07 Octubre 2017

The US Federal Communications Commission said late on Friday it had approved Alphabet Inc's application to provide emergency cellular service to Puerto Rico through balloons. Less than 25 percent of its cellphone towers are back online, and power has only been restored to about 10 percent of the island, according to a site run by the Puerto Rican government.

As communication providers that were impacted by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria continue their recovery effort, the FCC has announced the creation of a Hurricane Recovery Task Force.

Alphabet has confirmed it plans to use solar-powered, high-altitude balloons to support the restoration of "limited communications capability" in the US unincorporated territory.

In 2016, a test site was set up in Puerto Rico to launch what the project called "a handful of test balloons". Sadly, the Hurricane Maria had ripped off almost everything from the country, from cultivation to the networking connections. One of them will be the Media Bureau, which will help to address issues involving broadcasters, per the FCC.

In late September, Tesla said it was sending hundreds of batteries that can store power generated by solar panels to Puerto Rico to provide emergency help in the wake of Hurricane Maria. As most of the smartphones are not capable of transcoding Band 8 LTE signals, the OEMs are necessarily required to push an OTA update for every smartphone in Puerto Rico. "The Hurricane Recovery Task Force will allow us to do just that". We've been making solid progress on this next step and would like to thank everyone who's been lending a hand. In Peru, the project's leader said 160 GB of data was sent over an area roughly the size of Sweden, which was "enough data to send and receive around 30 million WhatsApp messages, or 2 million emails". Esteban Rodriguez, a carpentry and masonry specialist, 448th, is part of a team soldiers working on the clearing the road.

Google to Provide Puerto Rico With Cell Service Using Balloons