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Fortnite's controversial Battle Royale mode is now live

27 Setiembre 2017

The last remaining player or group will emerge victorious. Bluehole Studios, the developer and publisher of PUBG, since went on record stating that "concerned that Fortnite may be replicating the experience for which PUBG is known for". The game recently surpassed 1.52 million concurrent users on Steam. Other new additions from the update include new weapons, balance updates, Supply Drops that randomly spawn and descend from the sky, containing powerful weapons and items, and more.

Bluehole Studio vice president, Chang Han Kim, took the time to explain why it was very vocal against "Fortnite" and its new game mode. The update's full changelog is available here.

However, there is no time revealed for when these servers could come back online with the new mode ready to play.

Kim's point, which sounds quite different from Brendan Greene's "carbon copy" remark, stems from the fact that Bluehole pays a lot of money in royalties to Epic for the use of their Unreal Engine and that the ad that was put out specifically mentions PUBG by name, which he says was done without their consent.

Bluehole's messaging was a bit bungled last week, as the developer's ire stems more from their relationship with Fortnite developer Epic Games, rather than the gameplay of Fortnite Battle Royale itself.

The game was released as a paid early access title on July 25, 2017, for Microsoft Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Epic Games is also offering refunds to players who purchased Fortnite between September 12-19, as the Battle Royale mode is now a standalone free-to-play game.

With Fornite Battle Royale having now launched on consoles, offering a legitimate alternative to those waiting for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds to release on Xbox One and (possibly) PS4, I was inspired to find other PUBG-esque titles that console gamers can play. Interested players can request the refund here.

Fortnite's controversial Battle Royale mode is now live