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UN Security Council Approves New Sanctions Against North Korea

13 Setiembre 2017

North Korea was condemned globally for its latest nuclear test on Sept 3, which it said was of an advanced hydrogen bomb.

The latest U.N. resolution is the ninth since North Korea conducted its first nuclear test in 2006.

The woman, Mi-young, escaped from China with the help of volunteers from Helping Hands Korea.

Monday's U.S. -backed Security Council resolution imposed the toughest sanctions yet on North Korea in order to ramp up economic pressure in response to its latest nuclear test.

Peru declared the ambassador, Kim Hak-Chol, a persona non grata on Monday to protest North Korea's refusal to heed the world's "constant calls" to end its nuclear programme - giving him five days to leave the Andean country.

NORTH KOREAN HACKERS may be stealing bitcoin and other virtual currencies in a bid to evade sanctions and obtain hard currencies to fund the regime.

This awkwardness is complicated further by Trump's erratic approach to China.

"This ban will eventually starve the regime of an additional $500 million or more in annual revenues", she said.

Meanwhile, Chinese Ambassador to the UN Liu Jieyi said Beijing hopes the United States would not seek regime change for North Korea or measures that would ensure the regime's collapse.

The resolution, though considered a watered-down version of the U.S. draft, will reduce oil provided to North Korea by around 30 percent, according to the U.S. mission to the United Nations, and cut off over 55 percent of refined petroleum products going to the country.

Still, the resolution caps North Korea's crude oil imports and bans North Korean textile exports, the nation's trunk industry. China, Sri Lanka and India also imported some minerals in violation of sanctions.

However, the resolution was concessionary compared to the "strongest measures" initially pushed by the United States.

As for Japan, North Korean response will either be a nuclear attack on American military installations in Japan or even an attack on Japanese cities using chemical weapons mounted on missiles currently being tested.

Chinese officials have privately expressed fears that an oil embargo could risk causing massive instability in its neighbour.

The forthcoming measures to be taken by the DPRK will cause the U.S. the greatest pain and suffering it had ever gone through in its entire history.

We have discussed here in the past how Russia is training North Korean students in transportation and logistics, providing fuel, and has opened a dedicated ferry line to move supplies, all starting earlier this year when Trump assumed the presidency and met with Chinese President Xi regarding the North Korean problem. Though there's much that we don't know about North Korea, there are some things-at least four-we do know for certain.

The video shows the military practicing missile launching during a joint exercise with US forces in Pohang, South Korea.

The number of North Korean labourers who can work overseas would also be restricted, while states could inspect vessels suspected of carrying items prohibited by the sanctions.

UN Security Council Approves New Sanctions Against North Korea