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The 2018 MLB Season Will Have the Earliest Opening Day Ever

13 Setiembre 2017

As a result, you'll see three to four additional off days spread throughout the season, providing additional rest and opportunities for rescheduling. The 2018 season will kick off on March 29, giving it the earliest start in the history of the league (excluding special international games).

It will also mark the first time since 1968 when all teams begin on the same day. Also interesting is the fact that the teams with the six best records (as of September 12th) in the American League all open on the road, meaning that if one of these AL teams wins the World Series, they won't begin the 2018 season in front of their hometown fans. The tentative schedule adds four off days for every team.

There are a handful of divisional matchups on Opening Day, including a potentially feisty Giants-Dodgers game in Los Angeles.

Nine games are scheduled for Friday, March 30; a full slate of 15 games is scheduled for Saturday, March 31; and the opening weekend closes on Sunday, April 1, with 12 contests.

Interleague matchups for 2018 feature the AL East vs. the NL East, the AL Central vs. the NL Central and the AL West vs. the NL West. The highlight of those combinations shapes to be a 2016 World Series rematch between the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians on April 24-25 at Progressive Field and May 22-23 at Wrigley Field.

Baseball is also going overseas in April, with the Twins "hosting" the Indians in San Juan, Puerto Rico for a pair of games on April 17th and 18th. The Twins will host the games, which will mark the first regular-season action on the island since the New York Mets faces the then-Florida Marlins in 2010. "Montreal would have the capacity to respond to all Major League Baseball's demands". Clubs will again play 19 games against division opponents (76 total games) and either six or seven contests vs. nondivisional league opponents in home and home series (66 total games).

The major takeaway here is just how damn early Opening Day is, and the fact that the season is going to last an extra few days instead of getting cut down by a couple weeks (as many claim would be best for the game).

The 2018 MLB Season Will Have the Earliest Opening Day Ever