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UN Security Council to Vote after US Softens North Korea Sanctions

12 Setiembre 2017

Manchester United begin their UEFA Champions League campaign on Tuesday against Basel ahead of their tie with Russian side CSKA Moscow in the tournament's next round of games. And a way to avoid accusations of complicity from Washington and any danger of its economy suffering significant damage from secondary sanctions against Chinese companies. "We are closing in on North Korea's trade representatives", he said.

Monday's U.S. -backed Security Council resolution imposed the toughest sanctions yet on North Korea in order to ramp up economic pressure in response to its latest nuclear test. FireEye identified the malware, known as PEACHPIT, and provided examples of documents it was attached to, including one published by Seoul-based Hyundai Research Institute about the state of bitcoin industries. This is likely to hit the funding of its nuclear programmes. If delivered to an American city, any North Korean nuclear bomb - whether based on nuclear fission or fusion, whether its yield is 20 or 100 or 800 kilotons - would produce devastation and the instant death of tens of thousands. This resolution calls on countries to inspect ships if there are reasonable grounds for a search and only with consent.

An Agricultural Bank of China employee in Beijing said North Koreans are barred from opening new accounts but those with current accounts can carry out transactions.

"My hope is the regime will hear the message loud and clear and it will choose a different path", US disarmament ambassador Robert Woods told the Geneva forum.

It's day two of the National Assembly's questioning of government officials.

"We think we have an understanding", Pompeo said.

Although this is the first time the UNSC adopted measures limiting Pyongyang's fuel imports, critics here say that the sanctions are insufficient. This time officials said they wanted to circulate their own draft.

And then you can see that others have watered it down, not the U.S.

"Early tracking is also difficult because North Korean missiles would be flying over Russia, where NATO obviously cannot put radars", he added. What are diplomats saying about that?

KELEMEN: Well, that's right.

The world will witness how the DPRK tames the U.S. gangsters by taking series of action tougher than they have ever envisaged. The British ambassador pointed out that this is going to take time for sanctions to have a real impact.

A US official, familiar with the council negotiations and speaking on condition of anonymity, said North Korea imports 4.5 million barrels of refined petroleum products annually and 4 million barrels of crude oil.

MCEVERS: And a diplomatic solution of course does require some diplomacy, not just sanctions. The Post reports a "web of shell companies" engaged in contraband trade with the North Korean regime.

Mogherini said the EU was focused on achieving a Korean peninsula free of nuclear weapons, through diplomatic means. Pyongyang also has huge stores of chemical artillery shells and rocket warheads and the capability, therefore, to also turn the South Korean capital into a sea of sarin and VX nerve gas. India's development of nuclear warheads and missiles to deliver them would not have received even grudging global acceptance without George W. Bush's extraordinary rapport with Dr Manmohan Singh.

UN Security Council to Vote after US Softens North Korea Sanctions