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Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor Give Post-Fight Comments

30 Agosto 2017

In a post-fight interview given to MacLife.com, McGregor revealed that the effort he was putting into the clinch with Mayweather led to the dramatic drop in his energy levels.

In a picture of the official scorecards released by the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC), judges Burt Clements and Guido Cavalleri both had McGregor winning just the first round, while third judge Dave Moretti gave McGregor a more realistic seeming first three.

"I felt like I owed the fans a last hurrah", Mayweather said.

Making "Noise" isn't Always Bad... There's no doubt "The Notorious" was in a troublesome spot, but he said he wanted a more decisive result.

Well, look at it from another angle. That is life. You can be so sure and yet lose. Take it in good faith, and keep pushing.

From the beginning, this appeared to be a preposterous promotion designed strictly to separate fools from their money.

As shown in the clip above, the UFC told an in-ring interviewer that he "turned [Mayweather] into a Mexican tonight" and that Mayweather "fought like a Mexican". He carried him, no two ways about it. How is any of this a bad thing? In fact, the CEO for Mayweather Promotions believes McGregor "definitely" has a future in boxing, if he wants one. "I get a little wobbly when I'm tired". He barely clung on in the latter stages of the ninth as a knockout seemed inevitable. He did it in what he said would be his final fight, against a fighter who had never been in a professional boxing match.

Do people actually like chicken wings or are we socially conditioned to enjoy the puny scraps of meat? Bruhhh that is success. Check out the 15 best photos from the fight in the gallery below, and click the links below for the latest news.

"You won't see me in the ring anymore", Mayweather said.

In the co-main event, Mayweather protege Gervonta Davis secured a somewhat controversial eighth-round victory over Costa Rican Francisco Fonseca. And although McGregor may not have much pro boxing experience, he proved during the early rounds that he had some boxing skills.

Yes, there are many questions out there but few we can answer.

That comfort level varied, depending on conversations with executives high on the food chain. It was a night that brought fans of all combat sports together, and you know what? Obviously, it didn't matter when the UFC star faded down the stretch and was finished in the championship rounds, but the scores of the first two judges would at least suggest a skew towards boxing.

Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor Give Post-Fight Comments