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Unity Support for XBox One X Announced

17 Августа 2017

Today, Phil Spencer was asked: whether they will make a big announcement of Xbox One X pre-order at Gamescom 2017? and to this, he replied: "We'll share more info on this tomorrow".

That sounds rather simple, so every game developed in Unity should be enhanced for Xbox One X, right? However, it seems that things in that direction are not going well and Mike Ybarra offered an apology for that reason. Now the responsibility is in control of the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which has not given the green light to the product for unknown reasons. That's it. The Tracker app is set and forget.

The new firmware is already available to those within the Xbox One's alpha test group, and will roll out in the future for everyone else. I know there's frustration about pre-orders, [and I] apologize for that.

Writing on the Unity blog, the company said that "taking advantage of the increased power and 4K HDR output of the Xbox One X is as easy as changing some quality settings".

One of the most popular game engines, Unity, has announced that it now supports Xbox One X and by the sound of it making your games extra special for the console simply requires pressing a button or two. This is the fastest way to get notified when the both highly anticipated consoles will be available.

Unity Support for XBox One X Announced