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President Trump calls opioid crisis 'national emergency'

14 Agosto 2017

"Trump is simply trying to communicate in vivid, clear language to a dictator not used to listening to anybody that they are facing the potential end of their regime", said frequent Trump adviser Newt Gingrich.

He adds, "if anything happens to Guam, there's going to be big, big trouble in North Korea". Fortunately the attempts have failed, but President Trump now is talking about halting the federal subsidies to insurance companies with the stated intent to force a collapse of the ACA.

Now that Donald Trump has had his King Lear "fire and fury" rant-on-the-heath moment, his tag-team exchange with fellow player Kim Jong Un, we can only hope that he's ready for his "I am a very foolish fond old man. I fear I am not in my perfect mind" followup.

But according to Trump's statement on Wednesday about the opioid epidemic, which killed more than 30,000 people in 2015, his strategy in combating it will be focused far more on prosecuting drug offenders and urging young people to "just say no" to drugs, than it will on treating the two million Americans who struggle with opioid addition.

The bill, H. R. 3528, would amend title XVIII of the Social Security Act to require eRx for prescription drugs that are controlled substances - oxycodone, fentanyl, morphine, hydrocodone to name just a few - under Medicare Part D.

The emergency declaration was a cornerstone of recommendations made by a national commission on opioids Christie chaired - and advice the White House initially ignored.

"To me it's an important step, [but] there need to be many steps after this", said Dr. Bradley Stein, a psychiatrist and senior physician policy researcher at the RAND Corporation, a nonprofit research organization. Trump's statement, made after days of briefings with advisers who surely urged pacific rhetoric, is perhaps best interpreted as a declaration of independence from those advisers themselves. Usually, they are limited by geographic location.

US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis appeared intent Thursday on easing the tension, describing the prospect of war as "catastrophic" and saying diplomacy remained the priority. The change of scenery apparently helped.

And he will get a vocal reception from activists, albeit with some new themes. State-run media ensures that the population gets the North Korean side of the story, but doesn't convey any sense of international concern about the situation. The American Psychiatric Association poll found people strongly favor expanding access to treatment, with 58 percent in favor.

Trump has held four press availabilities in the past two days.

A core problem is that it's easy to become addicted to opioids, leading to a much stronger response from medical professionals to be more judicious in prescribing narcotics for pain.

"I don't see a military solution and I don't think it's called for", said German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

It said Trump looks forward to a "very historic" meeting with Xi in China later this year.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, who is making a run for governor in 2018, applauded the president for his remarks.

Last month, North Korea successfully tested a long-range missile that could reach cities in the United States. They are saying that he must have had some sort of golf action in each of those visit, and that this makes him the president with the highest golf action within such a short period. If carried out, it would be its most provocative missile launch to date. "Asking a woman or a parent to foresee something like that and buy supplemental insurance to cover that horrific possibility is not only ridiculous, it is cruel".

President Trump calls opioid crisis 'national emergency'