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Salma Hayek, 50, Shows Off Her Incredible Bikini Body in Outdoor Shower

13 Agosto 2017

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"When your friends invite you for dinner and you end up doing all the work", Hayek joked in the photo's caption. "Not the wrinkles - the eyes themselves", she said. "If I cook, you'll have a structure fire. The fireman will knock down our door, take my wife away, and give her a better life".

This, of course, is very true. In the reflection, Hayek's topless figure can be seen as her unzipped dress hangs on to her hips. "The eyes, for me, that's worse than the menopause". "If I'm up at 2 in the morning, it's because something has gone terribly wrong". He's not important, he's not big enough for you. Am I crazy? Are you asking me out? It's a beautiful image, there is a flow to it. A straight line can be boring.

When Salma Hayek received an invitation from Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively to join them for a home-cooked meal, she didn't realize she'd be the one making it.

"It simplifies people", the 29-year-old actress explains.

"(Women) are a lot more demanding of ourselves than men are. "Patsy's Pizza. There's a Patsy's Pizza up in Harlem that's pretty much the best pizza. on the whole planet".

Hear more (and see the pics!) from her cover shoot in the video below.