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President Trump blames 'many sides' for Charlottesville unrest

13 Agosto 2017

A driver in a silver Dodge Challenger on Saturday plowed through a group of counterprotesters who had rallied against white nationalist demonstrators in Charlottesville, Virginia.

He was joined by several lawmakers in condemning the violence.

Protestors who the mainstream media are describing as "white nationalists and neo-nazi's" clashed with counter-protesters in Charlottesville, including Antifa.

Clashes between protesters and counter-protesters ensued. Video on social media and Reuters photographs showed the vehicle hit a large group of counter-protesters, sending some flying into the air. Michael Bennet, took to Twitter to decry the attacks.

Mr. President - we must call evil by its name. Cory Gardner tweeted. "These were white supremacists and this was domestic terrorism".

"Praying for those hurt & killed today in Charlottesville", he also wrote.

In one incident, a auto barreled through a crowd gathered to oppose the rally.

"There's no place for such hate & violence in our society". It's deeply disturbing and un-American.

In the aftermath of this bad event in Charlottesville, we may learn that certain police officers made mistakes.

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump have called for peace. "As the nation's largest faith based networks we strongly support efforts by communities in Virginia and across the country to reckon with their racist past and reject racial intimidation in all its forms". Embrace inclusion, celebrate differences-that's the America we believe in.

Other Republicans in Congress took issue with Trump's remarks.

President Donald Trump is tweeting about the violence that has erupted amid a white supremacist march in Virginia. "Let's come together as one!"

Despite mentioning several things he said were going in the right direction, like unemployment and job creation, Trump said it's important to find out why violence continues.

Others defended the university and stood against hate.

Kessler sued, saying the change was a free speech violation.

Declaring the state of emergency gives local first responders more resources to fight the chaos. "I urge all people of good will - go home".

In a statement posted online, the university said the medical center would remain open, but that "all academic programming, the scheduled community discussions taking place in the University Libraries, and all UVA Athletic events and programming", were canceled.

About two dozen people were arrested in Charlottesville in July when the Ku Klux Klan rallied against the proposed removal of the Lee statue.

After the park was cleared, protesters carrying Confederate flags, Nazi symbols and other anti-Semitic signs marched to McIntire Park, a larger location where city officials had previously tried to move the rally.

This is the latest and by far the most violent far right-led rally in the city.

President Trump blames 'many sides' for Charlottesville unrest