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And his future at Newcastle

13 Agosto 2017

The past two seasons in the Premier League have given fans some surprises.

"We have shown progress in that area, which shows the kids have ability". The former to just edge it.

But compared to the plight of Arsenal, Chelsea, and Liverpool on the opening weekend, this was an assignment smoothly negotiated by Pep Guardiola's team.

The top six from last season have all retained their managers and it promises to be an exciting run of 380 games.

'I'm on fire, ' he smiled when asked to describe his mood. His striking prowess in the Premier League still has some United fans ruing his departure and with a first-team role beckoning, he can become the potent goalscorer the Hammers have been craving for almost a decade.

Mourinho likes his teams to be streetwise and physically imposing.

Verdict: Brighton are also expected to return to championship but if they manage a solid start against City in their first game, it may give them some belief. There, Perez apparently told him that Bale is up for sale. I was confident last season, too. Matic normally plays to a certain level (holds his hand up), sometimes a little above that and sometimes a little below. They will miss Walker surging forward, but Kieran Trippier is a great replacement. Diego Costa is sure to leave the Premier League...but if at the end he stays, there is no telling what could happen.

Sky Sports has claimed that the two Premier League clubs are negotiating the transfer of the 21-year-old. My guess is that Swansea City will join them.

Jose Mourinho is calling on his Manchester United players to spread out the goals more throughout the team during the new 2017/18 season. Only two English sides have made the semi-final since Chelsea lifted the trophy in 2012.

I do think Alexandre Lacazette will be clinical but I can't guarantee he'll score in the big games, so I'd back him each-way.

Really, though, it's very easy to forget those 14 teams because, let's face it, they are only there to make up the numbers.

That however, won't be enough to bring United in the top five, if Mourinho doesn't sign more players. "They're organised. The back three are brilliant and defend better than anyone". Without any measure injury, Kane will be the favorite for this season.

Guardiola said he had no words to describe Foden's tantalisingly brilliant showing in last month's 2-0 International Champions Cup loss to Manchester United.

He believes that night was a crucial juncture in his career and one of the main reasons he is now a City player.

'I was not sitting around having tea, ' he says. "But, in terms of being something completely different, Philip Foden is the best and the most naturally gifted I've ever seen". They will need to show maturity in the Champions League matches, especially as United could play Real Madrid, Juventus or Bayern Munich this fall. I want to play West Ham - a difficult match - then go to Swansea for another difficult match.

And his future at Newcastle