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Units of Tesla Model 3 are Ordered Per Day

10 Agosto 2017

The critical issue for investors to consider here is the effect that adding another $1.5 billion will have on Tesla's already increased debt levels since its acquisition of SolarCity in late 2016.

"The major challenge facing the company during the next twelve months will largely be the considerable execution risks associated with the rapid ramp-up in production of a totally new vehicle", the agency's senior vice president Bruce Clark said in a statement.

Moody's is rating the bond B3 with a stable outlook and Standard & Poor's assigned a "B-" rating for the bond issue.

Chief executive Elon Musk said at the time of the launch that the company faces at least six months of "manufacturing hell" as it increases production of the Model 3.

Tesla hopes the Model 3, which debuted at the end of July, becomes a trendsetting and profitable vehicle capable of rocketing the Silicon Valley company atop the electric vehicle industry for years to come. Meanwhile, the Model X P100D, the flagship model of the line boasting longer range and more horsepower, starts at $145,000 when bought with cash. The Tesla Owners Italia club recently traveled 669.83 miles in a Model S 100D on a single charge with a team of five drivers. Shares dropped slightly Monday on the news of the borrowing.

Prior to the launch of the Model 3, Musk was asked on Twitter about the possibility of a Ludicrous Model 3, to which he simply replied "of course".

Tesla also is involved in installing solar-paneled roofs and producing batteries that can store the energy and power homes. At the handover event, Tesla curiously didn't mention specifications on the electric motor powering the Model 3 and also kept the battery capacity on either version a mystery.

Additionally, as a recent range test by Consumer Reports shows, some performance aspects of these high-end vehicles are incredibly comparable to features in more affordable models. The company just announced that it shipped 47,000 cars in the first half of 2017.

Units of Tesla Model 3 are Ordered Per Day