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WWE News: teases UFC dream match for Brock Lesnar

07 Agosto 2017

Jon Jones wasted absolutely no time in identifying his next target after returning to vanquish Daniel Cormier and reclaim his UFC Light Heavyweight title at UFC 214, last night.

Cormier then retained the UFC Light Heavyweight title after defeating Anthony Johnson, and has since been the champion.

Following his fight with Cormier Saturday night, Jones stepped up and made the official challenge.

Lesnar is signed with WWE until April 2018, but was also on the company's roster last year when WWE CEO Vince McMahon allowed Lesnar to participate in the UFC fight.

By Botter's own admission, there are more than a few obstacles in the way of this fight coming to fruition.

"If I'm going to sacrifice being the smaller guy, I think stylistically, Brock would be a fight that makes more sense", Jones said. A winning bet on the fight not happening would result in a net profit of $160 (for a total payout of $260).

Jones interrupted saying he showed the opening against Jose Barnett in a Strikeforce fight and Cormier had an incredible response when taken into account what actually happened almost three years later.

"Man I tell you what man, anybody at home that have let themselves down, you let your family down, you let your peers down, your co-workers down, you let yourself down, it's never over". If so, who would be the favorite. Vicious strikes to Cormier's head laid the (now former) champion out and Rogan asking an injured man questions was something seen as anywhere between misguided and completely tasteless. I got kicked in the head.

As outlandish as that callout initially sounded, it seems like the fight might actually happen. I mean, it would be a massive draw. He beat Mark Hunt at UFC 200 in a unanimous decision that was changed to a no-contest after the failed test.

"I want to thank Daniel Cormier for being my biggest rival and motivator. So I don't know [where to go from here]".

WWE News: teases UFC dream match for Brock Lesnar