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Casa » Philippines' Duterte calls North Korea's Kim a 'maniac'

Philippines' Duterte calls North Korea's Kim a 'maniac'

05 Agosto 2017

She was, as you might imagine, the center of attention, smiling and giggling despite being in the presence of people who are, to her, strangers. Almost every decision that the U.S. will now make, as opposed to those of the last seven decades, will hinge on the premise that a nuclear nut can now threaten the lives of millions on the U.S. West Coast. United States officials were slow to realize that China was on the verge of testing a nuclear weapon that year, and later were surprised to learn that Beijing was not willing to settle for only short-range missiles that could strike neighbors like Japan.

All American citizens are to leave North Korea by September 1, according to a statement by the US State Department obtained by RIA Novosti.

Kim Jong Un's death has not been reported widely because this coordinated attack did not happen. Kim Jong -un has been quoted saying "the whole US mainland" is now within North Korea's reach.

It originated on July 23 on, a website run by a self-described liberal troll who creates absurd news stories in an attempt to fool conservative readers.

However, reports at the time coming out of South Korea claimed that North Korea was likely "one level away from a hydrogen bomb".

This isn't the first time has posted a story that said Kim was dead.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Japan plans to soon hold a "two plus two" meeting of foreign and defence ministers with the US over North Korea's continued missile tests. We attempted to contact to see if a fictional assassination of Kim Jong Un would be a regular occurrence on the site, but didn't get a response. We cannot wait for North Korea to have a successful attack against the United States.

"He is playing with dangerous toys and this crazy man, do not be fooled by his face, that chubby face that looks nice", Duterte, 72, said of Kim in a nationally televised speech.

North Korea is close to realizing its longtime ambition of becoming a nuclear power, and the United States is bound and determined to thwart that ambition.

Americans hope that President Trump and his team can resolve the North Korean tension. In 1966, the Chinese placed a live nuclear weapon on a ballistic missile, and fired it across the country to China's test site in the western desert, where it exploded with a force of more than 10 kilotons.

"I'm not going to confirm it", McMaster said.

Leonard Adreon is the author of the recently published book "Hilltop Doc, A Marine Corpsman Fighting Through the Mud and Blood of the Korean War".

Philippines' Duterte calls North Korea's Kim a 'maniac'