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President Trump's Confusing Statements About The Cost Of Health Care

21 Julio 2017

"It seems Trump might think health insurance is the same as the 'low monthly price' life insurance from TV ads", he wrote. Tweets like those below feature people wondering aloud if Mr. Trump is confusing cheap term life insurance costs with health insurance costs. A Republican plan to repeal the 2010 law without immediately replacing it appeared to be facing insurmountable opposition Tuesday in the Senate, while President Trump told a group of reporters that his party should "let Obamacare fail", referring to the ACA by its nickname. But this time, he upped the cost of health care to $15 a month. "And instead of having a $2,500 deductible, you have a $1,200 deductible or $800 deductible", says Kominski. Employers on average kicked in another $4,708 toward workers' health coverage over the year. She said the ACA should provide additional support for small businesses. He has never had to take a job for the health care benefits. "If Anthem cannot demonstrate sufficient impact from existing efforts (or cannot demonstrate that any exist), the bureau should encourage Anthem to pursue such efforts rather than passing cost increases onto consumers in the form of new premiums". What is concerning observers is not only that Trump believes health insurance costs Americans a tiny fraction of what it does, but that the president apparently struggles to differentiate between life insurance and health insurance. In reality, the National Conference of State Legislation estimates that a non-smoker making $30,000 per year in the United States who gets health insurance via their employer will pay $200 to just over $400 per month for it.

"Risk is increasing significantly in this marketplace", he said.

People may have underestimated Trump's lack of knowledge.

This could be simply a slip of the tongue, as happens to all of us when we speak extemporaneously.

President Donald Trump has an.interesting conception of how health insurance works.

Trump made many surprising statements during the New York Times interview, including saying he wouldn't have nominated Jeff Sessions as attorney general if he'd known Sessions would recuse himself from the Russia/collusion investigation, and what appears to be a threat to Special Counsel Robert Mueller to avoid moving his investigation into Trump's personal business dealings. He is expected to rule on the request by mid-August.

President Trump's Confusing Statements About The Cost Of Health Care