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I couldn't play at that level at 37 - Muguruza lauds 'incredible' Venus

17 Julio 2017

On Saturday, Spain's Garbiñe Muguruza beat the American Williams to be crowned the women's Wimbledon champion.

Despite her run to the final here two years ago and her triumph at last year's French Open, Muguruza has struggled in the periods between her successes at Grand Slam level. She withstood an onslaught from the Venus forehand throughout the first set, and fended off two set points before snatching it herself; and with so much energy expended on that critical first set, Williams could not summon enough to be competitive in the second.

The Spaniard ran the table to love, with Williams losing as her opponent stopped play during match point, citing a return she believed was long.

Williams, 37, was the oldest woman to make the final since Martina Navratilova, who just happened to lose to Martinez.

"Congratulations Garbine, amazing", Williams said.

"I think my mind is more equipped this time because the more experience you get, the more you know how to deal with these situations, because they're very special".

The 23-year-old is now a double Grand Slam champion, having won the French Open last year.

Her autoimmune disease Sjogren's seemed the most obvious reason her energy levels sapped allowing Muguruza to inflict the first 6-0 scoreline on the 37-year-old in her 20-year Wimbledon history.

"I think it's very impressive". It goes a lot with the strength of your body, your style of game. I tried to build her confidence.

"It's great to go out there and play somebody that you admire", Muguruza said.

A scintillating first set centred on Williams' need to keep the rallies short, to preserve her energy. "Hopefully that's going to sink in". However, she said that winning in Paris had not changed her life and she expected the same after her victory here.

As she served for the set, the cleanness of the ball striking was accentuated by the greenhouse acoustics, with each stroke a rifle crack.

"In two weeks' time I'll be playing a tournament again, so it's not going to really change", she said.

"I came thinking, 'I'm prepared, I feel good'".

"She was getting every one of Venus's shots back".

Those fans who opted for Rafa Nadal's fourth round match with Gilles Muller were at least treated to a genuine upset with the Spaniard beaten by the inspired journeyman from Luxembourg in a five-set classic.

I couldn't play at that level at 37 - Muguruza lauds 'incredible' Venus