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Ryan Lochte cleared of false-report charge after incident at Rio Olympics

16 Julio 2017

A Brazilian court has dismissed the criminal case against US swimmer Ryan Lochte, who had been charged with filing a false robbery report during the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

With the Centre Court roof closed because of rain earlier in the day, creating echoes with each thwack of racket strings against ball by the two big hitters, Muguruza was too good down the stretch.

When the scandal first made headlines last summer, the six-time Olympic gold medalist claimed that he, Jimmy Feigen, Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger were returning to Olympic Village after a night of partying when they were robbed by a group of armed men pretending to be police officers. Yesterday, a Brazilian appellate court ruled that Lochte's television interview didn't constitute a false police report.

"We are pleased that the Court has finally dismissed the criminal prosecution against Mr. Lochte, while also acknowledging that he committed no crime while in Brazil".

Reporting after the fact seems to indicate the truth is nestled somewhere in between, but that's now very far beside the point-Lochte apologized and told Brazil's Jornal Nacional that his story was a hefty embellishment, chalked up to some combination of booze and immaturity.

Federer would be the oldest man to win Wimbledon in the Open era, which dates to 1968; as it is, he's the oldest finalist since Ken Rosewall was 39 in 1974. Rio police and security footage from the gas station where everything went down disputed that story.

Prosecutors now have 15 days in which they may challenge the ruling; otherwise, it will stand and the matter will be considered closed.

Muguruza can say the same, of course, and she was particularly thrilled at the thought of the player she beat to earn the trophy. Lochte was entered in a small meet this week but withdrew, reportedly because he was not in race shape.

As details supporting Lochte's account emerged, he picked up new sponsors and took a spot on Dancing with the Stars last fall. The 32-year-old has said he wants to return to top-level competitions, though, and represent the U.S.at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

Ryan Lochte cleared of false-report charge after incident at Rio Olympics