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GSD reacts to King Felipe's speech

15 Julio 2017

Meanwhile, Prince Harry was snapped at the British Summer Time Festival in Hyde Park, London, over the weekend, watching The Killers' performance with a few pals while drinking beer and relaxing before his royal duties this week.

The first time they went up for auction, there were no buyers. She also attended two banquets, and for both occasions she opted for off-the-shoulder modern dresses, the second of which was by Armani.

The ruby and diamond necklace that the Duchess of Cambridge will be wearing this evening.

He said Felipe's comments suggested he was treating the British territory as one that could be "traded from one monarch to another" like a "pawn in a chess game" and urged him to understand that Gibraltar "will remain 100 percent British".

"I really wanted to talk to the King and I did when he came and stood with us".

Today the PM welcomed King Felipe to Number 10, and hailed the "deep and solid" ties between Britain and Spain as millions of pounds of business investment from the country is announced.

The pair married and Princess Victoria Eugenie became Queen Ena of Spain, making King Felipe a descendant of Queen Victoria. The Spanish queen looked as fabulous as ever in her ensemble, teaming a crisp white wrap blouse featuring an asymmetric neckline, with a midi-length pleat front skirt from the renowned British brand. As the king said, the UK and Spain enjoy an incredibly strong relationship. The most recent referendum was in 2002.

He will meet Theresa May accompanied by his ministers for a lunch at Downing Street on Thursday.

But it was the tiaras that each of the royals wore, including Queen Elizabeth II, that had people talking.

Residents of Gibraltar are concerned about the impact Brexit will have on them.

"These citizens have a legitimate expectation of decent and stable living conditions for themselves and for their families", he said, calling for a Brexit deal that would provide "sufficient assurance". Around 400 Spanish companies are registered in Britain, whilst 700 British companies are investing in Spain.

Don't allow pets to play in the sandbox - they may mistake it for the litter box. A year later, the marriage ended in a divorce.

Since coming to the throne three years ago, King Felipe VI has rescued the Spanish monarchy with a modern down-to-earth touch.

GSD reacts to King Felipe's speech