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Hyperloop One Had Its First Full-System Test

14 Julio 2017

The sled used in the test only hit 70 miles per hour, less than 10 percent of the hyperloop's intended goal of 750. And now, it has accomplished its first successful full-system trial that was conducted on May 12 on the test track of the company in Nevada.

It's something that we actually saw with the SpaceX-sponsored Hyperloop Pod Competition, but they scaled down the tube and pods unlike this full-scale system developed by Hyperloop One.

There's still a lot to work out before Hyperloop One can begin offering service in its inaugural planned projects, including a system connected Dubai and Abu Dhabi, which is expected to achieve speeds of 500 miles per hour.

Hyperloop One said the system's components had been successfully tested, including its motor, suspension, magnetic levitation, electromagnetic braking and vacuum pumping system. "Using electromagnetic propulsion and mag-lev technology, it's created to carry both cargo and human passengers at near supersonic speeds, Hyperloop One says".

Hyperloop One completed the first full-scale test of its hyperloop pod in vacuum conditions, the company announced earlier today.

"We essentially invented our own sky in a tube", co-founder Shervin Pishevar declared.

It will be some time before the Hyperloop becomes a reality given the complexity of the new technology, but the test marks an important step, according to the company. It did an open-air test in 2016 and then built the 11-ft diameter vacuum tube for tests in the spring of 2017. The company says that it will continue to run tests as it lengthens the track during Phase 2 testing.

Giegal and Pishevar, along with their team, are now preparing for a complete systems test, during which they hope the pod will reach speeds of 250mph. Close to 200 Hyperloop One engineers, machinists, welders and fabricators collaborate to accomplish our Kitty Hawk moment. It's going to make the world a lot more efficient and will impact the ways our cities work, where we live and where we work.

He envisioned that the Hyperloop would be able move people from San Francisco to Los Angeles (about 600km) in a half hour. The executives of the company have been travelling the world to find buyers and investors for its new technology.

Hyperloop One Had Its First Full-System Test